Get A Second Opinion

Experience Matters

Midwest Spine & Brain Institute has been the leader in spine and brain surgery, research and outcomes for more than 36 years. Each of our surgeons is fellowship-trained and board certified and has performed thousands of spine surgeries. Our expertise is focused on innovative procedures that are minimally invasive, as well as complex spine and brain surgery that is research and outcome-based.

Looking for a Second Opinion?

We can provide a complimentary review of your MRI.

If you are looking for a second opinion, and your MRI was performed within the prior 6 months, we can provide a complimentary review of your MRI.

Please note that the MRI reviews are offered to qualified prospective patients only. We cannot provide a complimentary MRI review to government funded plans, such as Medicare/Medicaid.

To send your MRI to us for a second opinion review, upload here.

If you qualify for a complimentary MRI review, a member of our spine and brain surgeon team will contact you within two business days to discuss your MRI and provide a recommendation for next steps.

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