Spondylosis of the Spine

Spondylosis is a wearing down (degeneration) of the spine caused by wear and tear on the joints, often as the result of aging. Over time, the discs become dehydrated and lose their cushion between the spinal bones. This resulting rubbing of bone-on-bone causes spurs and can be very painful. Deterioration of the cartilage and bones in the neck (cervical spine) is oftentimes referred to cervical spondylosis. Deterioration of the cartilage and bones in the lower back (lumbar spine) is oftentimes referred to as lumbar degenerative disc disease. Spondylosis can also affect the middle section of the spine, called the thoracic spine.

Spondylosis Treatment Options

Conservative measures including medications and physician therapy are initial treatments to alleviate the pain. However, in cases where your pain cannot be managed, injections may help relieve this chronic pain without requiring surgery. In circumstances where the pain continues to be unmanageable, and/or where there is loss of movement, loss of sensation, or loss of bladder or bowel control, surgery to take pressure off spinal nerves or the spinal cord may be immediately necessary.

Minnesota Spondylosis Surgery

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