Scoliosis Correction

Adolescent and adult scoliosis can often be treated non-operatively through bracing, physical therapy, medication management, and spinal injections. However, in some cases where spinal curvature continues to progress or symptoms worsen – surgical intervention is recommended. For most patients with scoliosis, correction is performed with a posterior spine fusion with instrumentation. Posterior surgery means that the incision is made in the back of the spine. During this procedure spinal implants including rods and screws are attached to the spine and used to correct the spinal curvature. The implants hold the spine in the new position as they fuse or mend. The spine ultimately heals in this new position. Today, surgical advances allow for greater correction of scoliosis and improved spinal stability after surgery.

Scoliosis Correction Recovery

Most patients begin walking immediately after surgery and resume activities over the following months.

Minnesota Scoliosis Spine Surgeons

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